Everything in this site is an explanation of the eisegetical corruptions of the teachings within Christianity, taking you on a journey from the Jewish Messianology in the beginning to the Hellenistic Christology that is now. Because of thousands of years of interpretation we cannot see the forest through the trees, in fact, Christian doctrine and Rabbinical Judaism has created an impassable jungle over the past 1900 years of which Jesus' teachings may never fully recover. This website is intended to be a starting point for those who want to know the true context and meaning of Jesus' teachings.

Christianity past and present, as a whole, has based the largest portion of its doctrine on half-truths, lies, and subterfuge, with some of the Messianic movements also accepting parts of this false doctrine. Christianity accepts both doctrines of Eisegesis and Fideism on varying levels; these are the Christian doctrines in which faith and fact are incompatible and therefore it is best to interpret scripture in such a way that it introduces one's own biases and agendas.
Christianity likes to emphasize that Jesus taught against Pharisaic Judaism to justify that Christianity supersedes Judaism, in one way or another, with Messianics using similar teachings to accept portions of Christianity mixed into Judaism.

However, christianity purposefully ignores the fact that Jesus taught against Pharisaic Judaism, as he was a strict adherent to biblical Judaism, doing so prior to the existence of christianity (in any form). Christianity, as well as the Messianic movements, like to conveniently forget that Jesus was a first century Second Temple Jew whom adhered to strict originalist Jewish beliefs.

Christianity puts forth false doctrine that Jesus was the "first Christian" and taught christianity. While Messianics put forth the false doctrine that Jesus taught some sort of hybrid Christian-Jewish religion.

Both Christianity and the Messianic movements fail to acknowledge and separate Modern Judaism from 2nd Temple Judaism. They also fail to acknowledge and separate the Jerusalem Jesus Movement from Paul's universal gentile mission. They do this in order to continually corrupt the originalist Jewish teachings of Jesus the 2nd Temple Jewish 'Son of God'.
  • Modern Judaism has little in common with Judaism prior to the 2nd Temple Period or the strict originalist Judaism taught by Jesus.
  • Modern Judaism is Pharisaic Judaism, based on Hellenistic beliefs as well as corruptions obtained during the Babylonian Captivity, with just as many pagan and mystical corruptions as christianity.
  • Modern Judaism is Talmudic, placing more emphasis on the Oral Torah than the Written Torah.
  • Pagan concepts like Heaven, Hell, fallen angels, eternal punishment, eternal souls, & other mystical subjects infiltrated Judaism right at the end of the 2nd Temple Period when the Pharisees came to power, and were later codified in the Talmud after the 2nd Temple Period & are still taught today under the guise of Orthodox Judaism.
  • The originalist teachings of Jesus were later corrupted by pagan beliefs on an identical parallel to the corruption of biblical Judaism after the 2nd Temple Period with similar corruptions creating a completely altered & different belief system.
  • Christianity, as well as many Messianic movements, therefore teach various pagan doctrines (trinitarianism, heaven & hell, virgin birth, fallen angels, eternal souls) in similar fashion to modern Talmudic Judaism.
The need for modern christianity to maintain it's modern beliefs and doctrines means that clergy, scholars, and professors intentionally ignore the Second Temple setting of Jesus and his ministry, and do everything they can to forcefully ignore the first century Judaism that Jesus taught from.
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